TEC(Peltier) Controller sPLC-10

We have been developing and selling a tiny TEC controller.

Small fits all! TEC(Peltier) Controller sPLC-10

■ A tiny TEC controller is appearance!

* module size :W40mm x D30mm x H18.5mm
* PWM switching drive (single polarity)
* Digital PI Control

■ Specification

* Operationg voltage :DC5V ~ 24V
can drive the TEC device in the range of 1V ~ 24V.
(by 2 power supplies)
* Output current :8A max.
* Sensor :NTC thermistor (std. R=25k B=3435) only

* Temperature range :-39 ~ +99 degC
By changing the connection,
allows selection of cool or heat operation
* Temperature settings :Rotary switches (1degC step)

■ Notice

* Product specifications and appearance are subject to change for improvement
* Can be specified the sensor parameter when ordering.

■ Brochure

Brochure PDF document, size 1.2MB

■ Inquiry

E-mail : kurag.tslab@biz.nifty.jp