Photodiode Amplifier LTA-40

Unique Photodetector Control Amplifier appear !!

PhotoDiode Amplifier LTA-40

■ IV conversion block, which is separated from the Control

● High sensitivity IV amplifier, can be placed in a location more closer to
   the photodiode.
● Since LTA-40 has 4 independent amplifiers, you can configure the signal
   amplification system of multi-channel in compact.

■ Provide two types of IV conversion module

LTm-103Conversion Gain : 1000V/A
Max input Current : ±10mA
LTm-104Conversion Gain : 10000V/A
Max input Current : ±1mA

● The Basic-set of LTA-40, comes with one of IV modules.
● We also provide 4CH-set which includes four IV modules.
● LTm-103 or LTm-104, you can purchase additional individually.

■ USB communication port Equipped

By PC communication, you can set all of the functions of the LTA-40.

■ Others

Since the LTA-40 is a voltage amplifier, it can be used as a general-purpose voltage amplifier.

■ Detailed specifications please refer to the following

LTA-40 Features Features of product is written in here

■ Brochure

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