Waveform Analyzer DWA-30

This waveform analyzer unit can achieve "Time product measurement". Because of its enough sampling rate, it's possible to use this unit as the energy meter for selected pulses.

Waveform Analyzer Unit DWA-30

An explanation about "Time product measurement" is as follows,


■ Overview

* 4 sampling times are selectable. (10ns/100ns/1us/10us)
* 0±1V of input voltage is acceptable. It is converted to 12 bits digital value.
* All measurement results are displayed on the LCD panel as Peak, Average,
RMS and Time products respectively at the same time.
* A result of measurement is judged by the inspection value established
beforehand. This result is displayed on the LCD screen and a more detailed
result is also output through the output terminal at the real time.
* 6 kinds of operation mode for the measurement are available.
(e.g. Manual Trace, Signal Trigger, etc.)
* As a start condition for measurement, the setting of the threshold level for
input signal and the setting of delay time from the trigger point are available.
* Moreover, "The measuring span" and "The one shots" are also equipped as
unique functions. The former can specify the actual measuring range and
the latter can capture only the first signal.
* The behavior of input signal can be easily observed because the LCD screen
can display the trace of signal waveform. Regarding the waveform trace,
the operation of the display enlarging and the position changing are
* The communication port which can read the remote setting information or
measured data from PCs etc. is equipped.


Front view


Rear view

■ Example of use and application

DWA-30 can be used as "Dynamic Optical Power Meter" with the combination of our Trans Impedance AMP [TIA].
It is planned that the valuable optical power meter set (DWA-30+[TIA])
is released in near future.

  * The additional information will be uploaded in order.

■ Specification

Sampling Frequency 100MHz
Sampling rate 10ns/100ns/1us/10us (selectable)
Resolution (ADC) 12bit (0±1V)
Resolution (Display) 11bit (1bit for polarity)
Input Signal Full Scale 0±1V
Threshold Setting 0~999mV (1mV resolution)
Maximum Input 0±1.25V
Input Impedance 50Ω/100kΩ (switchable)
Input Connector SMB
Result Display
Peak,Avr.,Rms 1mV~1000mV
Time Products(Tprd) 5pVs~655mVs
Maximum Trace 65536 samples
Trace Resolution Sampling resolution
Maximum Trace
655us (at 10ns sampling)
655ms (at 10us sampling)
Trigger Input Input Voltage 0 to 5V
Threshold Level 1.65V typ.
Trigger Edge Rising/Falling (selectable)
Trigger Delay 0 to 99.99ms (10ns resolution)
Connector Type SMB
Status Output Output Level High>3V  Low<0.3V (±4mA)
Output Terminal ML-800-S1H-9P
Communication Port USB Mini B Type (UART Protocol)
LCD Display Type Reflective LCD
Size 2.7 inch
Resolution 400x240
Power Supply Voltage Range 4.8V~5.4V
Current Range 500mA max.
Connector Type R03-RB2M
Dimensions Profile W100xD100.5xH36.5
No rubber feet or protrusion are included.
Weight 350g approx.

■ Accessories

* Plugs for power supply cable R03-PB2F   1pc
* Utility Disc (Instruction Manual, Application Software Sample, etc.)

■ Brochure

Brochure PDF document, size 1.7MB

■ Inquiry

E-mail : support@tslab.com